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Naruto Original Soundtrack V.2

This track is completely instrumental featuring the flute as the main instrument (And used beautifully I might add) except for the first and last tracks.
The complete track listing includes:
Track # Song Name
Track 01 Haruka Kanata
Track 02 Daylight of Konoha
Track 03 Confrontment
Track 04 Evil
Track 05 Sasuke's Theme
Track 06 Survival Examination
Track 07 Afternoon of Konoha
Track 08 Fooling Mode
Track 09 Konohamaru's Theme
Track 10 It's The Training!
Track 11 Gai's Theme
Track 12 Hinata vs Neji
Track 13 Orochimaru's Theme
Track 14 Avenger
Track 15 Orochimaru Fight
Track 16 Raikiri
Track 17 Sasuke's Destiny
Track 18 Alone
Track 19 Harmonia

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