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Naruto Leg theme'd Tattoo

Naruto Leg theme'd Tattoo

hey all of u tht replied to my thred tyvm!!! no i need ur help, vote for my next tattoo!!!! thts right once i get my next 2 (cloud and itachi and sasuke) ill get the most popular one u voted for, i swear :P so may the best char win (rock lee is a no go)

Hey all, am getting a leg piece done at the moment and a thought id share it with all of u, i would love for some feed back (good or bad) and for some suggestions to fill in some space, bellow are the ones tht are already done, plz bear in mind tht my leg does curve so some of them look a bit weird on the screen lol.
cheers in advanced Alex




Kiba and Aka.


Kakashi (ANBU).

Sukura (Themed).